About Us


Weefeex is the one stop online service centre to buy replacement parts and get professional technicians and service providers. The need for professional service providers, technicians and quality replacement parts has rocked our market for years hence, the birth of Weefeex.

The internet is a populated with users in search of information, solutions and to network with other users around the world. For this reason, we use the internet as our major platform to enable us reach out to the millions of mobile gadget and vehicle owners and provide them with maximum satisfaction in the repair and maintenance of their gadgets and vehicle.

Our Vision is to be the most sort after solution provider on the internet, providing services and connecting vendors, technicians and service providers all over the world and reducing sub-standard products, unreliable services and providing the protection customers need in the field of service rendered.

Our mission is to ensure that customers get the value of their money when it comes to repairs, maintenance, service provision and replacement part purchase. Also, to make quality easily accessible when needed.

How to become a vendor

To become a Weefeex vendor, please fill the vendor form in the vendor registration page. We will review the form, contact you to know more about your service and how competent and reliable your business is before we approve your registration.

Our vision is to be the preferred and trusted link bridge between customers, professional technicians and trusted vendors in the line of technical repairs, mechanical repairs and Information technology services.

Our mission is to ensure that the need for professional technical services is readily available anywhere, any day, at all times, at the least cost and without hassles by customers.

Weefeex also has its Forum which allows for interaction on various topics. Users can connect and share ideas, experience and be well informed about any and everything mechanical, technical and I.T related. Click to join our Forum